The janitor drove his truck up to the water tank with his wife and two dead.

The janitor was driving around in a nice water tank, died in a car with two wives, and a teacher was sitting with him, but couldn’t find him.

At 9:00 a.m. (64 p.m.) the D.A.C. was informed of a car accident.The water tank caused the deaths of a man who died in a lawn mower after a rain shower, the new J.C. Cheong mom, after being notified, had the police and rescue officers check the scene.

The crime scene was a water tank, found a Toyota-branded, red-tray, black, plate 8543 new, head condition.Went into the water, the back of the car came out of the water, the cabin was in the water, the sink, the rainbow, the lawn, the 10th village, the rainbow, the new mom, J. Chiang.

Preliminary reports indicate that such a car was driven the way it was before it crashed into the reservoir.There’s a fair maid, a janitor at Mom’s home school, a driver, two other passengers, Mrs. Shoti, a wife and a housewives, about 50 years old, a housewarming school teacher, after a local incident that was reported to the police and a rescue service.

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