The Merriam-Webster dictionary adds the word “gentleman number two.”

Merriam-Webster specified “second gentleman” or “second gentleman” in the dictionary, which means

“husband or spouse of the Vice President or second-in-law or authority of the country

” to describe the position of “Duck Amhoff” husband of “Camala Harris” the new Vice President of the United States.

Emhoff tweeted about this happy news with the same sentence his wife used to post, which was, “I may be the first to take this position, but I will not be the last.”

Merriam-Webster Vice President Harry is the first female vice president in the history of the United States, so Amhoff is considered the first male vice president and the first Jew to be the number two gentleman.

Doug Amhoff is a Los Angeles lawyer who married Vice President Harris in 2014 and worked in intellectual property law

technology and media for DLA Piper in sports and entertainment, as well as teaching entertainment law at

the Georgetown University Law Center, which he intends to continue to do even if he does.Take number two, just like Jill Biden, ladies number one.

Amhoff said he would devote his time as the number two gentleman to social justice and other projects

that support President Biden’s administration, including looking to the number two lady as inspiration for his work.

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