The resident tax workers, 27 cowards, ordered the school to close for three days.

The resident shut down the moonlight school after they found a factory worker in an area of income tax infected with COVID-19 of them, 27.

(2 February 64) Warden of the Knights of Columbus, Governor of Bangkok, convenes a meeting of the Center for Disease Control.The 2019 Corona virus was purchased by the General Assembly, 16/2564 by the Joint Parliamentary Assembly, the vice-president of the General Assembly, the chairman of the General Assembly, the vice-chairman of the General Assembly, the vice-chairman of the General Assembly, the vice-chairman of the General Assembly, the vice-chairman of the General Assembly.look for the capital

The resident the head of the city of Bangkok, announced at the meeting that following the city’s search for

the capital, the health department had searched for the culprits.An active case of CASE FINDING (Sentinel Surveillance) in a factory located in a tax area

with 887 employees, 300 Thai, and 587 foreign workers, initially found 27 infected, with 130 high-risk individuals.

Besides, there’s a well-known factory in the network that has 1,300 employees, and the health department keeps

them in check.We’ve got 800 people waiting for the results of

the COVID-19 and 500 more will be ready by tomorrow.

However, due to the proximity of the factory to the site of

the Temple of Artificial Moon School, the city of Templar

the Great God.That’s why the city has temporarily closed such a school

from now until the 5th of January 64th, and

the inventive lunar astronomy school, which is in close proximity to the basic education office

has coordinated with the school’s administrators to consider shutting down the place as well.

In addition, the City of Bangkok has ordered the closure of the pre-school development center of

the city of Bangkok in certain districts, districts, and tax areas, from now on until there is a change in order to control the spread of the disease, and for the safety of children.

However, the public should take care of personal health in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as prescribed

by the government, to maintain the distance between individuals wearing a name mask or a

mask whenever they leave home or in a public place, often washing their hands with gel alcohol.Holt always measures the temperature of the body, and uses the application or platform “Thiy won” for safety and prevention of the next outbreak of COVID-19 disease.

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