You’re a mean winch! Stabbing a girl’s windshield. I’m not sorry.

You drive a rough mean you cut a girl’s windshield, you almost get cut off in front of her, and if it wasn’t for the woman who stabbed you, you’d be dead.

On January 14, a Facebook user posted a message saying, “Yesterday, early 20.47 p.m., my sister was driving.The car turned into the pink bridge, and my sister told me that the road was dark for you, and I couldn’t see it, but when I turned around and had a motorcycle, it was like I called him to stop without knowing what was wrong or what was wrong with him, so I lowered the window and asked him if there was anything wrong. I want to ask you if you could calm down and come down and talk to me because you didn’t run away or something, and kill me. And the police are looking for me if anyone knows or has any leads. There’s no such thing as knowing and being angry.”

mean an opinion on the matter

Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

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